Young’s End

God, you confuse me
I found your love just once,
when the Christians gathered together
Praising you, that’s when it begun
They worshiped loud and proud
My jealousy grew,
then a sudden rush of love filled my heart,
 That’s when I knew it was you
but do i have to be broken down for you to finally reach me?
Smash me down to pieces til i’m desperate?
God, you’re deceiving!
i felt you right by my side
but now you disappeared
I didn’t see you through the long nights,
God, you were so near
And i’m afraid because i’m slowly losing hope
you kept me from worrying
but now I just mope
I’m with a generation that voted a molestor as President
are you saying that the men that sexually abused me can lead residents?!
You created us, God
 are you proud of who we’ve become?
look back to June 14, 1946
 (Donald Trump’s birthday)
when the devil had won
. . .
After solitude came abandonment
chaos had overcome
God, I can’t handle it
pull the trigger, the gun
There’s a world to attend
How much do I have to suffer
for you to face me?
GOD make it END
The devil had replaced He
We see more evil than good
God, I thought you were strong?
destructive childhoods,
we’re screwed
technology deprived the young
Cause you see
the end of times are near
school shootings

heart left to bare

We can no longer gather around as a pack
Without the use of metal detectors

Or selling dutches for green stacks

If we cannot live amongst others
without causing chaos
Then why have you made us?
are we your repercussion
Or do you find beauty in destruction?
God, you confuse me
But i fear of your reply
So i’d rather die without knowing
Than sit here and comply

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